Introduction To Neo-Soul

Neo-soul is a term originally coined by former head of Motown Records Kedar Massenburg in the 1990s to describe the emerging sound in soul and R&B music pioneered by artists such as Erykah Badu, Lauryn Hill and D’Angelo.

Unlike other variants of soul and R&B, neo-soul is a broad church in terms of music characteristics, although there is often a focus on the traditional ‘live’ musicianship of studio musicians. Elements of jazz, funk, and R&B can be found within the recordings in this playlist, with the stars of the neo-soul period clearly paying homage to their musical inspirations of the seventies, acts like Al Green, Chaka Khan and Marvin Gaye.

Although neo-soul is said to be in decline, great music is still being released today, from artists such as John Legend to Raphael Saadiq. This playlist seeks to introduce you to some of these great neo-soul songs.