Sad Soul for Commuting

Are you a commuter? Are you sad? Do you like soul? Read on.

Imagine the scene, if you will. You’ve woken up early. You’ve showered, had some toast, walked to the train station ahead of another day of excitement at work. You’ve got an hour or so to commute into the city. But then the inevitable happens: Southern Rail. They’ve cancelled your train because of a lack of train crew, or lack of trains. Maybe there’s been a sink hole, or the terminus station at the other end is flooded. Maybe there’s been a sighting of Michael Jackson on the track at Clapham Junction and National Rail are on the scene. Whatever it is, you’re train is cancelled and you’re going to be late. What to do? Nothing. Except whip your phone out, stick your headphones in your ears, and whack on this musical feast of pure pain and misery.

That’s the pain and misery that us commuters know and share on an near daily basis. And that’s why we’ve made this playlist to get you through. We have it all here: Stevie Wonder’s sad-fest that is ‘Lately’, ‘All in Love is Fair’ and ‘If It’s Magic’; The Temptations’ brilliant ‘I Wonder Who She’s Seeing Now’; and Marvin Gaye crooning the incredibly cheerful ‘If I Should Die Tonight’. If that’s enough we’ve got Aretha singing the Bobby Womack classic ‘That’s The Way I Feel About You’, whilst Bobby pleads his heart out on the stunning ‘If You Think You’re Lonely Now’.

So the next time you’re sat, or more likely stood, on a delayed train or at the station waiting for a delayed train, simply put this playlist on, and let the worries the commute fade away. The Funk & Soul Revue. Here to help. Now available as a Spotify playlist to be depressed on the move.