Soulful Love

“I’m hot just like an oven, and I need some lovin’” – Marvin Gaye, 1983

People do crazy things for love: they buy expensive gifts, they shout it out in nightclubs, some even do silly things like go on television to find a little love. Some, however, put their feelings onto record for us all to listen to, reminding us of how great their love lives are compared to ours.

Indeed, soul music has created some of the finest love songs ever, perfect for romancing your loved one, or better still, listening to alone with a bottle of gin and a loaded revolver. We jest. Don’t try that at home. In all seriousness, the beauty of soul music can often be found in the countless romantic ballads that fill up album after album. This playlist seeks to provide you with a romantic background to your love life with music from the masters of soulful love, from Marvin Gaye to The Temptations to Barry White, whether you have a love life or not.